We offer the most exciting coniferous plants and bushes in the entire region, including such well-known and popular varieties as Thuja Occidentalis Smaragd, Brabant, different kinds of juniperus, yews, and also big names like canadian spruce and simple spruce. Please, check out our full offer below.

We can offer you the fullest spectrum of deciduous trees and bushes grown in Hungary. There are different varieties of maple, barberry, quince, forsythia, apple tree and currants, and these are only a handful of plants which are available. Deciduous plants of Hungary are widely known in Europe, and are specifically grown to handle the tough climate in Russia. Please see our full selection undet the link below.

Are you looking for really pretty, quality perennial flowers? Look no further - we can offer you widest selection and very competitive prices. The flowers will be packaged in special flower packaging, in order to optimize your transportation costs and ensure quality upon delivery. Below please have a look at the full selection which we offer.

Quality roses are grown not only in Columbia. We offer you great selection and wholesale quantities all year round, including tea-hybrid roses, floribunda roses, as well as stem and climbing roses. The flowers are not imported, but grown in Hungary by family-owned businesses developing own, unique varieties. Please glance through our selection below.

About us

At Magyarplant, we are the leading wholesale nursery traders and suppliers in Hungary. What we do is quite simple - we provide you with the widest selection of Hungarian plants, including conifers, deciduous trees and shrubs, fruit plants, perennials and roses. Partnered with the best nurseries in the country, we provide our customers with the highest quality products available, all tailored to survive in the Russian climate. We supply retailers and wholesalers, landscape designers, florists, and nurseries from other countries. Our goal is not only to sell you the plants - we aim at providing a complex service package, when you can order the plants, as well as arrange your transport and customs clearance, all in one place. We also encourage you to visit us in Hungary personally, so that we can take you around the nurseries and give you the unique opportunity of seeing and selecting the plants.


If you seek exclusive, beautiful plants and value high level of service, efficient communication, and professionalism - contact us! "Magyarplant - Plants from Hungary"

Transport, custom clearance and administration

We know how important it is for you to be able to dedicate full attention to you own clients. Therefore, we offer to take care of the transportation and custom clearance procedures by utilizing the services of our partner companies. Our transport company specializes in multi-loadings, when the plants are loaded in several locations into one truck. The customs broker makes sure that the delivery of goods is seamless. We also solve every administrative task related to your order - filling out of export documentation, invoicing and payments. It is quicker and more convenient to work with us as with one partner who handles all your enquiries.

Quality control and loading process supervision

We care greatly about the quality of the supplied plants, therefore we are personally present at the loadings. We make sure that specifically those plants that you have selected are loaded to the truck. We supervise the loading process to exclude any damage to the plants and to efficiently utilize the available cargo space.  Each truck is weighted before departure in order to avoid overweight at the customs. By providing these services we make sure that you have a piece of mind with each and every order placed with us.

Selection of plants

We cooperate with all of the leading nurseries in Hungary. We personally select the plants for our clients and know where to find a given plant at the best price and quality. We work with complex lists, quickly process your enquiries and send photos. You also have the possibilty to come to Hungary and visit the nurseries with us. That way you can see with your own eyes and hand-pick the plants. Everything will be planned and organized for you, therefore we kindly invite you to visit us!


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